Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sunday's Best of the Rest 2/15

I've added the recipes for this coming Sunday's Best of the Rest. Hope you enjoy them. I have to work until 7pm, so I am going to prep the dressing and marinate beforehand. This was menu was called the January Dinner Party - but most the same things are still in season in February. But you'll just have to get those hothouse tomatoes if you are anywhere but California. I'm hoping to get some more organic dried apricots from my CSA this Saturday that I can use for this menu - otherwise I will do a berry variation of the souffle. Sad that I have to enjoy this meal alone, but my soul will certainly be fed along with my stomach!

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  1. Or I might have to make a lemon mousse instead as not having a food processor make play havoc with the best of my souffle intentions!