Sunday, February 1, 2009


~Special wood oven pizza - Ricotta, arugula, olive oil

Ricotta well balanced, but could have been a bit sweeter to contrast with the salt in the crust or more buttery to contrast the peppery arugula.

Crust very good - salted just right, crispy on outside, soft inside

Couldn't really taste the olive oil that was supposed to be the star of the dish -- too much arugula.

~Puzzled by the Ragu entree - a meat based sauce, but wasn't.

Homemade ricotta salata very good, nice salt and milky, like clots of cream

Pasta - definitely homemade, with eggs - gamey though, cooked little less than al dente.

Red sauce was the puzzler - something a 'tish bitter - not sure if its the gamey undercooked egg pasta, bitter tomatoes with seeds, bitter olive oil, or if the sauce was slightly, ever so slightly burned on the bottom. Not a fan of the bitter, but on the border bitter is just frustrating.

Overall - B+ : Need to go again after all the hype from the cookbook calms.

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